Volunteer Role







A new school year has begun, and the situation at New Dawn Primary School is worse than ever! Now as everybody advanced one class ahead, there are six classes plus nursery with only the same same two employed teachers. The government has promised for ages to add another teacher, which the school will probably still be waiting for in a years time. An already completely inacceptable education standard has now become even worse. Class 4,  most of whose pupils still can’t read or write as they had almost no class time last year while in class 3 due to lack of teachers, are only one example of how bad the situation is. Currently they are supposed to do exams, answering subject related questions, but how, if they can’t even read the questions? Will they graduate as illiterates, despite their parents willing to send them to school which is not for granted at all in the area)? Education is their ticket out of poverty, let’s provide them with the chance they deserve for a better life. Help now by donating or volunteering!