[if !mso]> New Dawn Primary School

New Dawn Primary School is one of the project sites that the foundation targets. It was started by the current headteacher in 2011 with teaching under a tree, and currently has 157 registered pupils.
The school has six classes plus nursery, but only 4 classrooms. Also, there are only two trained teachers. A big proportion of the day children are just found idling and making noise in their classrooms/outside. Their standard is very low compared to their age mates in other parts of the country, for example 2/3 of class 3 pupils don’t know how to read. There are almost no resources to teach the children, for example one textbook has to serve the whole class forcing the teacher to copy everything to the blackboard.

Children collect and eat their food plastic bags using their hands to eat without even washing hands prior to eating. Despite the heat no clean water can be accessed easily.

Furthermore, a considerable number of children are absent each day, just deciding
to take the day off for no reason and play at home. Parents offer very little to no
support/ pressure to their children at all, as they don’t see much value in
education mostly being illiterate themselves; a parents meeting results
in less than five out of almost a hundred parents attending.

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